To realize the best results from your hard training you must remember the importance of nutrition. At Grit we care about your long-term results which means we will help you address all areas of health and fitness. We are committed to teaching you healthy eating habits that will transform your body.

With all the diet fads out there it is easy to get confused about the “right” way to eat. To help build healthy sustainable habits the members of Grit will have free access to nutrition classes provided by Jereme Morris of Root Fitness & Nutrition that cover a variety of useful topics. These classes are intended to walk you through all the steps necessary to create a balanced and sustainable diet and lifestyle.

Nutrition Classes will cover the following topics:

– Mental Approach to a Healthy Lifestyle

– Developing Healthy Habits

– Understanding Food Choices

– Balancing Energy Levels

– Maximizing Results from Training

– Meal Planning

In addition to these free classes, Grit members looking for a little extra nutrition coaching will receive discounted rates from Root Fitness & Nutrition for additional services.

To learn more about Root Fitness & Nutrition please see their website at

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